Chui's Projects for Dreamcast and handhelds.

NEO4ALL : Open source NEOGEO/CD emulator for Dreamcast.
AES4ALL : NEO4ALL fork for emulating home and arcade NEOGEO systems.
DCASTAWAY : Portable Atari ST emulator.
UAE4ALL : Open source Amiga500 emulator.
SNES4ALL : Snes9x port (Super Nintendo emulator) for Dreamcast.
ZX4ALL : Open source ZX-Spectrum emulator.
MAME4ALL : MAME GP2X adaptation for Dreamcast and Dingoo.
PCSX4ALL : Open source Playstation emulator.
NOIZ2SA : Abstract shoot'em up for Dreamcast and GP32.
FENIX : The way to game development for Dreamcast and GP32.
SDL+OpenGL : Dreamcast developing with SDL and OpenGL.


March 22, 2009. (RETROMADRID 2009)
DCaSTaway and ZX4ALL released.
Jun 6, 2008. Allegro Humphrey Preview
My new Allegro drivers for Dreamcast make good progress, i want to share a fast port of Humphrey Remake for Dreamcast. Download HERE.

May 16, 2008. Return To Castle Wolfenstein Remake
We just open a new project at SourceForge for doing a remake using KGLX and DreamPlaces engine.
So, we need a lot of people to join to this project:

1.- CORE.
- 1.1: O.S./OpenGL: KallistiOS, SDL y KGLX.
- 1.2: 3D Engine. Maybe DreamPlaces.
- 1.3: A new sound driver using ARM and SRAM.

2.- 3D.
- 2.1: MODs programming with QuakeC (Quake1/2/3).
- 2.2: Rebuild environments and stages.
- 2.3: 3D Modelling: objects y textures.
- 2.4: Design of covers, intros, etc.

3.- MUSIC & SFX.
- 3.1: Songs using audio tracks.
- 3.2: Rebuild SFXs.
- 3.3: Tests with engine and new driver.

4.- OTHER.
- 4.1: SourceForge project maintainer.
- 4.2: WEB Designer.
- 4.3: Legal expert for avoiding license problems.
- 4.4: 3er party contacts for CDROM release.

You MUST join it HERE!
March 8, 2008. (RETROMADRID 2008)
MAME4LL and ZX4ALL beta released.
March 8, 2008. (RETROMADRID 2008)
Neverball released for Dreamcast:
- Fixed physical problems.
- More stable and fast.
- Fixed transparency problems.
- Fixed music problems.
- VMU support for saving game state.
Download discjuggler image HERE. Source Code is provided HERE.
March 8, 2008. (RETROMADRID 2008)
SDL+OpenGL and Fenix for Dreamcast has been released.
March 8, 2008. (RETROMADRID 2008)
Emuforge homebrew retro scene compilation:
- DREAMEDGE (Chui): Example of EDGE 3D engine port with FreeDoom.
- DREAMPLACES (Chui): Little example of Darkplaces preliminar port.
- ANOTHER BRICK ON THE WALL 2 (Compiler Software): ZX-Spectrum game, Arkanoid similar.
- BABALIBA REMAKE (Compiler Software): Fenix remake of Babaliba ZX-Spectrum game.
- BETILED! (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum puzzle game.
- DEEP SCAN (Octocom): ZX-Spectrum simple game.
- CANNON BUBBLE (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum game, PuzzleBobble similar.
- CAMELOT WARRIORS REMAKE (BuHonero & Coelophysis): Fenix remake of Camelot Warriors 8bit game.
- COLUMNS (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum Sega Columns clone.
- GALAXY FIGHTER (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum simple game.
- INFILTRADO 2 (Octocom): ZX-Spectrum tactial-puzzle game.
- INSERT COINS (Octocom): ZX-Spectrum platform game.
- ISOTOPIA (Octocom): ZX-Spectrum molecular-puzzle game.
- JUDGE MORRY VS. BALDO MIDGET (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum simple game.
- MOGGY (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum arcade game.
- NANAKO IN CLASSIC JAPANESE MONSTER CASTLE (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum platform game.
- PANDEMIA (Octocom): ZX-Spectrum adventure game.
- PHANTOMAS SAGA: INFINITY (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum platform game.
- PHANTOMASA II (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum platform game.
- PITFALL-ZX (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum game, Pitfall similar.
- RAGNABLOCK (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum Arkanoid clone.
- REVELADOS (Compiler Software): ZX-Spectrum blog-game.
- RUN BILL RUN (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum simple game.
- SOKOBAN (Compiler Software): ZX-Spectrum puzzle game.
- VIAJE AL CENTRO DE LA TIERRA (Topo siglo XXI): Complete ZX-Spectrum game (unreleased TopoSoft game).
- ZX-COLUMNS (Compiler Software): ZX-Spectrum Sega clone.
- ZX-MINES 2 (Compiler Software): ZX-Spectrum minesweeper clone.
- ZX-POKER (Compiler Software): ZX-Spectrum card game.
Download discjuggler image HERE.
June 29, 2007.
Neverball first alpha version released. Download HERE.
April 4, 2007.
New releases of NEO4ALL and AES4ALL.
March 19, 2007.
First NOIZ2SA beta release.
March 12, 2007.
DCaSTaway rc5 released.
Dec 22, 2006.
MAME4ALL and ZX4ALL alpha-2 released.
October 31, 2006.
New Fame/C Motorola 68000 CPU core is public.
May 11, 2006.
First MAME4ALL alpha release.
March 27, 2006.
SNES4ALL Alpha-3 released !
March 22, 2006.
New DCaSTaway fix for solving a little sound bug.
March 17, 2006.
Second alpha version of SNES4ALL, speed up !
March 11, 2006.
New projects, new releases, massive update !!
November 13, 2005.
Dream On releases: UAE4ALL beta2, NEO4ALL beta4 and DCaSTaway rc3.
November 4, 2005.
SDL Driver small bug fixed. Four new examples added.
October 10, 2005.
NEO4ALL Beta-3 released.
October 4, 2005.
SDL Driver available.
September 25, 2005.
DCaSTaway RC-2 released.
September 4, 2005.
UAE4ALL Beta-1 released. Open rebuilt website.
April 11, 2005.
NEO4ALL Beta-2 released.
April 5, 2005.
DCaSTaway release candidate 1 available.
March 2, 2005.
NEO4ALL first beta version available.
February 7, 2005.
November 5, 2004.
DCaSTaway beta-1 available.
September 23, 2004.
UAE4ALL alpha version released.
September 17, 2004.
First DCaSTaway alpha version.
August 29, 2004.
NOIZ2SA first release.
April 06, 2004.
Fenix Pack #1 available.
April 02, 2004.
First Fenix runtime available.
July 25, 2003.
First Dreamcast port: DCIRCUS.