Open Source Amiga500 emulator for Dreamcast and Dingoo console.

Game compatibility list
Burning instructions


Frameskip between 0-1 without sound and 1-2 with sound.
Fast FAME Motorola 68000 core by Fox68k.
Savestates support.
Autoframeskip for real speed.
Dreamcast SD-Card support.
Mouse & Keyboard Dreamcast supported.
Virtual Keyboard with triggers L-R.
Joystick is emulated with digital pad + A,X buttons.
Mouse is emulated with analog pad + Y,B buttons.
Fast sound with 8 buffers synchronized.
Filemanager with subdirectories access.
Complete menu with 'start' button: load, throttle, frameskip, reset...
2 joysticks emulated.
Under PAL dreamcasts ask 60-50Hz selection.
Save disks changes to VMU.
Superthrottle mode for speed up intros and loading time.
SH4 exceptions catched for stability.
ADZ support (ADF floppy image gzip compressed)
2 floopy drives emulated.

New features have been added to release candidate version :
- SuperThrottle
Hold right trigger first and left trigger second for automatic sound off and frameskip to 10 for speed up. This try to avoid large time for intros and loading time.
- ADZ support
You can compress your ADF floppy images with GZIP compression utility in order to save CD space. GZIP is free and multiplatform: Windows, GNU/Linux, MacOS ...
- Save disks changes to VMU
UAE4ALL can save to VMU disk sectors changed using ZIP compression. For games as Dune2, now you can save your campaigns and continue at future. A new menu option called "Save Disks" has added for enable or disable this feature.
- 2 floppy drives emulted
You can choose on filemanager a new disk for DF0 with A button and a new disk for DF1 with Y button. Also, you can eject DF1 with 'Eject DF1' menu option.
- Throttle
Amiga is a hard machine to emulate. So, a lot of games support drawing shortcuts and cpu timeslice ampler. These methods speed up emulation and improve playbility under Dreamcast.
- Autoframeskip
Unfortunately, UAE4ALL needs frameskipping for real time emulation. Active auto-frameskip menu option for real speed.
If you want sound, it's a very important thing, the sound needs to be synchronous

More info: Chui's DCEMU Forum.


Excellent :16%
Good :36%
Normal :24%
Playable :14%
Bad :6%
Fail :4%

The following table shows game name, emulation test, supported throttle and playability:

1943 Good. 60
Addams Family High frameskip with sound. 60
Alien Breed Very good. 60
Alien Breed 2 Works Ok. 40
Amazing Spiderman A bit frameskip. 20
Amnios Very good. 60
Another World Very good. 20
Army Moves Perfect?. 100
Battle Chess 2 Slow a bit. 60
Battletoads A bit frameskip. 40
Black Crypt Very nice. 60
Blood Money Hangs. No works on original UAE-0.82.
Bumpy's Arcade Fantasy Perfect? 80
Cannon Fodder Very good. 60
Cannon Fodder 2 Works ok, large loading time. 60
Carvup Works fine. 60
Championship Manager Very good. 60
Chaos Engine Yeah!!! Sometimes scroll small beats. 60
Civilization Works. Maybe sound problem. 60
Colonization Very good. 60
Crazy Sue Some backgrounds glitches. 60
Crazy Sue 2 Very good. 60
Cyberblast Very good. 60
Dalek Attack A bit frameskip. 20
Defender Of The Crown Works fine. 60
Deliverance High frameskip with sound. 20
Dune Very good. 60
Dune 2 Very good. 60
Dungeon Master Works fine. 60
Dynamite Dux Good. 60
Elite Hangs after enter codes.
Empire Works fine. 20
Eye Of The Beholder A bit frameskip. 20
Epic A bit frameskip. 20
F-18 Interceptor High frameskip with sound. 20
Fantastic Dizzy A bit frameskip. Sound problems. 60
Fernandez must die Works fine 60
Flashback A bit frameskip. 60
Formula 1 Grand Prix A bit frameskip. 20
Gauntlet 2 A bit frameskip and sound lost. 20
Gostbusters 2 Very good. 60
Gods A bit frameskip. 60
Great Diana Sister Works. 60
Helter Skelter Perfect? 60
Ikari Warriors Very good but some GFX errors.
Indiana Jones In The Last Crusade Works. 20
Indianapolis 500 High frameskip with sound. 20
It Came From The Desert 2 A bit frameskip. 20
Kick Off 2 Works fine. 60
Lemmings Works. 60
Lemmings 2 A bit frameskip. 40
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge Very good. 60
Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Excelent. 60
Marble Madness Works fine. Better with real mouse. 60
Megatwins Very good. 60
Menace Very good 60
Mortal Kombat 2 A bit Frameskip. Large loading time.
Netherworld Very very good. 60
Pacmania Works but not throttle support. High frameskip with sound. 0
Parasol Star Perfect? 80
Pinball Dreams Works Ok. Better with real keyboard. 60
Pinball Fantasies Works Ok. Better with real keyboard. 60
Pinball Illusions Works fine. Better with real keyboard. 60
Pirates Good. 20
Populous Black screen.
Populous 2 Nice! 60
Powermonger A bit frameskip with sound. 40
Project X Perfect? 60
Railroad Tycoon Very good. 60
Rampart Works Ok. 40
Rick Dangerous 2 Perfect? 100
Sensible Soccer A bit frameskip. 20
Shadow Dancer Very good. 60
Shadow Of The Beast 1 and 2 Very very good. 60
Shanghai Perfect? 60
Silkworm Very very good. 60
Sim City Perfect with save disk support. 40
Sim Earth Works Ok. 60
Simon The Sorcerer Works fine. 60
Ski Or Die Perfect? 60
Sleep Walker Works Ok. 60
Speedball Very good. 60
Speedball 2 Very good 60
Stunt Car Racer A bit frameskip. 20
Super Hang On A bit frameskip. 40
Super Street Fighter 2 Very good. 60
Super Wonderboy In Monsterland Auto-frameskip problem. 60
Swiv Blitch Score and a bit frameskip. 60
Syndicate Works fine. Slow a bit. 60
The Bard's Tale Works. 60
The Killing Game Show Works fine. 60
The Secret Of Monkey Island Works. 40
The Seven Gates Of Jambala Perfect? 60
Theme Park Keyboard not response. 20
Toki Bottom screen blitches. 40
Turrican Perfect? 60
Turrican 2 Very good. 60
TV Sports Basketball Works. 40
TV Sports Football Works. 40
U.N. Squadron A bit frameskip. 40
Wing Commander High frameskip with sound. 20
Wings of fury Very good. 60
Worms Very good. 60
Xenon 2 Megablast Very very good. 60
Xybots Works Ok. 60


Windows & GNU/Linux versions are only presented for testing compatibility reasons and will not be updated. Final purpose is the emulation on Dreamcast.
How use Windows & GNU/Linux versions:

- The Kickstart (named 'kick.rom') in same location that UAE4ALL executable (UAE4ALL.EXE).
- ADF/ADZ disks wherever, does not matter.
- F11 for main menu.
- F12 for fullscreen (only under emulation).
- Need a joystick to play.

Current UAE4ALL version is release candidate 3:
Dreamcast Binary
Windows Binary
GNU/Linux i386 Binary
Dingoo (Dingux) Binaries
Source Code


You will find instructions on how to use Selfboot inducer to make a bootable disk for the Dreamcast HERE.
You must include a KickStart BIOS image file (named 'kick.rom' as the emulator expects this name) in the root directory of the disk.

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