Chui's Projects for Dreamcast and handhelds.

NEO4ALL : Open source NEOGEO/CD emulator for Dreamcast.
AES4ALL : NEO4ALL fork for emulating home and arcade NEOGEO systems.
DCASTAWAY : Portable Atari ST emulator.
UAE4ALL : Open source Amiga500 emulator.
SNES4ALL : Snes9x port (Super Nintendo emulator) for Dreamcast.
ZX4ALL : Open source ZX-Spectrum emulator.
MAME4ALL : MAME GP2X adaptation for Dreamcast and Dingoo.
PCSX4ALL : Open source Playstation emulator.
NOIZ2SA : Abstract shoot'em up for Dreamcast and GP32.
FENIX : The way to game development for Dreamcast and GP32.
SDL+OpenGL : Dreamcast developing with SDL and OpenGL.


March 22, 2009. (RETROMADRID 2009)
DCaSTaway and ZX4ALL released.
Jun 6, 2008. Allegro Humphrey Preview
My new Allegro drivers for Dreamcast make good progress, i want to share a fast port of Humphrey Remake for Dreamcast. Download HERE.

May 16, 2008. Return To Castle Wolfenstein Remake
We just open a new project at SourceForge for doing a remake using KGLX and DreamPlaces engine.
So, we need a lot of people to join to this project:

1.- CORE.
- 1.1: O.S./OpenGL: KallistiOS, SDL y KGLX.
- 1.2: 3D Engine. Maybe DreamPlaces.
- 1.3: A new sound driver using ARM and SRAM.

2.- 3D.
- 2.1: MODs programming with QuakeC (Quake1/2/3).
- 2.2: Rebuild environments and stages.
- 2.3: 3D Modelling: objects y textures.
- 2.4: Design of covers, intros, etc.

3.- MUSIC & SFX.
- 3.1: Songs using audio tracks.
- 3.2: Rebuild SFXs.
- 3.3: Tests with engine and new driver.

4.- OTHER.
- 4.1: SourceForge project maintainer.
- 4.2: WEB Designer.
- 4.3: Legal expert for avoiding license problems.
- 4.4: 3er party contacts for CDROM release.

You MUST join it HERE!
March 8, 2008. (RETROMADRID 2008)
MAME4LL and ZX4ALL beta released.
March 8, 2008. (RETROMADRID 2008)
Neverball released for Dreamcast:
- Fixed physical problems.
- More stable and fast.
- Fixed transparency problems.
- Fixed music problems.
- VMU support for saving game state.
Download discjuggler image HERE. Source Code is provided HERE.
March 8, 2008. (RETROMADRID 2008)
SDL+OpenGL and Fenix for Dreamcast has been released.
March 8, 2008. (RETROMADRID 2008)
Emuforge homebrew retro scene compilation:
- DREAMEDGE (Chui): Example of EDGE 3D engine port with FreeDoom.
- DREAMPLACES (Chui): Little example of Darkplaces preliminar port.
- ANOTHER BRICK ON THE WALL 2 (Compiler Software): ZX-Spectrum game, Arkanoid similar.
- BABALIBA REMAKE (Compiler Software): Fenix remake of Babaliba ZX-Spectrum game.
- BETILED! (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum puzzle game.
- DEEP SCAN (Octocom): ZX-Spectrum simple game.
- CANNON BUBBLE (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum game, PuzzleBobble similar.
- CAMELOT WARRIORS REMAKE (BuHonero & Coelophysis): Fenix remake of Camelot Warriors 8bit game.
- COLUMNS (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum Sega Columns clone.
- GALAXY FIGHTER (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum simple game.
- INFILTRADO 2 (Octocom): ZX-Spectrum tactial-puzzle game.
- INSERT COINS (Octocom): ZX-Spectrum platform game.
- ISOTOPIA (Octocom): ZX-Spectrum molecular-puzzle game.
- JUDGE MORRY VS. BALDO MIDGET (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum simple game.
- MOGGY (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum arcade game.
- NANAKO IN CLASSIC JAPANESE MONSTER CASTLE (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum platform game.
- PANDEMIA (Octocom): ZX-Spectrum adventure game.
- PHANTOMAS SAGA: INFINITY (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum platform game.
- PHANTOMASA II (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum platform game.
- PITFALL-ZX (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum game, Pitfall similar.
- RAGNABLOCK (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum Arkanoid clone.
- REVELADOS (Compiler Software): ZX-Spectrum blog-game.
- RUN BILL RUN (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum simple game.
- SOKOBAN (Compiler Software): ZX-Spectrum puzzle game.
- VIAJE AL CENTRO DE LA TIERRA (Topo siglo XXI): Complete ZX-Spectrum game (unreleased TopoSoft game).
- ZX-COLUMNS (Compiler Software): ZX-Spectrum Sega clone.
- ZX-MINES 2 (Compiler Software): ZX-Spectrum minesweeper clone.
- ZX-POKER (Compiler Software): ZX-Spectrum card game.
Download discjuggler image HERE.
June 29, 2007.
Neverball first alpha version released. Download HERE.
April 4, 2007.
New releases of NEO4ALL and AES4ALL. Also, i buy a Treamcast using Paypay donations.THANKS EVERYBODY.
March 19, 2007.
First NOIZ2SA beta release.
March 12, 2007.
DCaSTaway rc5 released.
Dec 22, 2006.
MAME4ALL and ZX4ALL alpha-2 released.
October 31, 2006.
New Fame/C Motorola 68000 CPU core is public.
May 11, 2006.
First MAME4ALL alpha release.
March 27, 2006.
SNES4ALL Alpha-3 released !
March 22, 2006.
New DCaSTaway fix for solving a little sound bug.
March 17, 2006.
Second alpha version of SNES4ALL, speed up !
March 11, 2006.
New projects, new releases, massive update !!
November 13, 2005.
Dream On releases: UAE4ALL beta2, NEO4ALL beta4 and DCaSTaway rc3.
November 4, 2005.
SDL Driver small bug fixed. Four new examples added.
October 10, 2005.
NEO4ALL Beta-3 released.
October 4, 2005.
SDL Driver available.
September 25, 2005.
DCaSTaway RC-2 released.
September 4, 2005.
UAE4ALL Beta-1 released. Open rebuilt website.
April 11, 2005.
NEO4ALL Beta-2 released.
April 5, 2005.
DCaSTaway release candidate 1 available.
March 2, 2005.
NEO4ALL first beta version available.
February 7, 2005.
November 5, 2004.
DCaSTaway beta-1 available.
September 23, 2004.
UAE4ALL alpha version released.
September 17, 2004.
First DCaSTaway alpha version.
August 29, 2004.
NOIZ2SA first release.
April 06, 2004.
Fenix Pack #1 available.
April 02, 2004.
First Fenix runtime available.
July 25, 2003.
First Dreamcast port: DCIRCUS.


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